Summer Term 2020 - Pre-school reopens 8th June 2020

Next week we reopen the pre-school to our children and start to return to a different kind of routine. The hall is still the same and the garden still has the same climbing frame and lots of room to run around, but there will be less toys out to choose from and not as many children in session to play with. We may not see all our friends every day, and we won’t stay for lunch; we will have to keep washing our hands and sit in our own space at the tables and on the floor. But we will still have the same teachers, still listen to our favourite stories and still have lots of fun playing with our bubble group friends.

As we all begin to slowly emerge from our safe places during this term’s lockdown, we feel sad for families who have lost loved ones and families who are working in key industries and have lived apart to keep their children safe. For many of us the lockdown has meant staying home with our family and just making the most of quality time spent together. We look forward to hearing about the lovely things the children have been doing – walking, cooking, cycling, painting and just stopping to smell the flowers.

For our older children moving up to big school, it will be a chance to finish their chapter at pre-school, and we will still made an occasion of handing over their yellow books full of photos and pictures drawn or painted since they started. It is always wonderful to see how much they grow, in height and confidence, during their time with us.

We look forward to our little ones returning in September, and new faces beginning their journey with us. We know it will be a little different, but preschool still remains a safe place to run and laugh and learn together – whether that is with a few friends or all together. We will wait and see.

Thank you to all our wonderful parents and children who have stayed in touch during lockdown and kept us up to date with their news. We wish those of you leaving us this summer – good luck for all the new adventures school will bring, and to those children returning in September – we will see you soon. Take care.

Happy New Year 2020 from Mrs Horler, Mrs Maher & the team

We welcome the children back after the holidays and hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

A huge thank you for all the kind words, Christmas cards and gifts we received, and for the money collected to help us celebrate the end of term with a staff night out. The ladies had a wonderful meal at The Polecat Inn near Great Missenden. Many thanks – it was a good night!

All the Christmas events of 2019 were superb and kept us all busy. The Christmas bazaar was fantastic and great fun – many, many thanks to our parents on the Committee who all worked hard to make this a success; especially Fundraising Lead Lucy Waite, Chair Sophia Corbett and the rest of the team. The money raised will go towards extra activities such as our Preschool day out in the spring, Rugby tots, Cooking and replacing resources.

Our annual invitation to Burford School to watch the reception children’s nativity is always a highlight and the children were excited to walk up to the school. We all enjoyed the experience of sitting in the big hall to watch the production. It was amazing!

Following weeks of song practice, the children performed to their families at the Christmas Show, and Sami, the local Vicar, joined us to read the Christmas Story. Thank you to all the parents, carers, and grandparents who came to watch and support the children. It makes it extra special for the children to have such a large audience.

The final event of the year was the Christmas party, and the children were entertained by “Hayley Turay” with her party music and games including decorating the staff as snowmen. We also had a surprise visit from Father Christmas who gave gifts to the children before dashing back to the North Pole.

A BIG THANK YOU, to all the members of the Committee – The pre-school could not continue without a team of parents to guide the decisions, organise fundraising projects and support the staff throughout the year. The Committee are always looking for new members and if you would like to make a difference in the running of your child’s pre-school, big or small, please speak to Tina Horler or Paola Maher for more details.

We wish you and your families a Happy, Healthy and Fun 2020.

Autumn Term 2019 Newsletter

The start of every new term is always exciting but especially the Autumn term, when our little ones in the Spring have grown tall over the Summer holidays and are now our big children, and new little faces join us on their first big step to independence.

Our first day back is Friday 6th September 2019, 9am to 3.30pm, and we look forward to seeing the children and hearing all about their summer.

On Thursday 5th September we open at 10am for a drop in “Coffee morning” for the new parents and children. They meet the staff and can ask any first day questions, and it is a good opportunity to be able to chat with other new parents at the start of their journey together through the school system. Each parent gets to meet the member of staff who is allocated as their child’s teacher and who will work closely with the parents or carers to ensure their child feels secure and confident to play.

Our theme for September 2019 starts with “All about us” and the children will think about their favourite things, their families and pets. We will also be talking about the summer holidays and hear how the children have spent their time. We will explore our environment with walks to the local shops and park, and our weekly Forest School sessions will resume in the nearby woods.

Come and join in with the fun!

Our Committee Meet and Greet/AGM evening is on Thursday 19th September at 8pm in the Village hall – all parents are welcome. This is a chance to meet the staff and existing Committee and find out a little more about the important role (big or small) each parent can make in running your child’s pre school.